Emily Columpsi

"The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery" -Mark Van Doren

Philosophy of Catholic Education

I have been connected to the Regina Catholic School System for most of my life. I was raised Roman Catholic and attended a Catholic school throughout my elementary (Deshaye and St. Dominic Savio) and secondary (Dr. Martin LeBoldus) education. I even had the opportunity to pre-intern (Miller) and intern (Dr. Martin LeBoldus) in Regina Catholic High Schools. My experiences, both as student and teacher, have played a major role in shaping me into the person I am today. The Catholic Schools I attended provided me with a nurturing environment that has instilled high spiritual and moral values, fostered academic excellence, and developed a sense of service to others. Most importantly, I know that my Catholic Education has inspired my passion for teaching. In fact, it is the only career I have ever wanted to pursue. The many teachers who have modelled, instilled, educated and inspired me throughout my education were not only great teachers, but they have modeled the Christian values that have influenced many aspects of my life, including my philosophy of Catholic Education.

Both as a student and practicing teacher, I valued being a part of a larger faith community and I know that I want to continue this, if possible, in my teaching career. Achieving academic excellence and encouraging students to reach their fullest potential are primary goals of all teachers. Teaching, however, is not just about academics it is also about educating the whole person –physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually in the example of Christ. I believe that teaching is an extremely important career because teachers have the opportunity and responsibility to influence society’s future leaders. Regina Catholic Schools focus on learning, inspiration, nurturing, acceptance and responsibility and I know that, if possible, I want to teach in the Catholic School System. Everyone is unique and learns differently. I believe that all children should be granted an equal opportunity to learn and achieve their goals within a loving and safe environment. In or out of the classroom, the potential for learning is varied and immense; the exchange of ideas, opinions, experiences, customs, values, or aspirations all become a part of the learning experience. I have come to understand that teaching is more of a vocation than a job. I have witnessed, first hand, the potential a teacher has to shape and influence a child’s life, whether in small day-to-day ways or in significant, life-altering ways.

I know, first hand, that the Regina Catholic School Division is dedicated to providing the best education possible. I would consider it a privilege to be given the opportunity to serve in a community of staff and students who share the common vision of Catholic Education.



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