Emily Columpsi

"The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery" -Mark Van Doren

Math 9

Chapter 3: Powers and Exponents

Subject: Math                                                                                Grade: 9

Lesson Length: 60 min

Content (Topic): Section 3.1 Using Exponents to Describe Numbers

Teaching Strategy: Direct

General Outcome: N9.1: Demonstrate (concretely, pictorially, and symbolically) understanding of powers with integral bases (excluding base 0) and whole number exponents including: representing using powers, evaluating powers, powers with an exponent of zero, and solving situational questions

Specific Outcomes: c. analyze the role of brackets in powers by using repeated multiplication and generalize strategies for evaluating powers involving brackets.

  1. Predict whether the value of a given power will be positive or negative
  2. Evaluate powers with integral bases (excluding base zero) and whole number exponents, with or without the use of technology

Prerequisite Learning:

Students should be familiar with

  • Powers and bases
  • Identifying powers and bases
  • Simplifying and/or evaluating expressions

Lesson Preparation:

Have assignment questions picked out

Have PowerPoint projected onto the white board

Have copies of vocab sheet ready to go


Vocab sheet



-Discuss with the class what the lesson will be about (the main areas of focus)


– Go through the vocabulary sheet with the class.

– Go through examples of repeated multiplication and evaluating powers

– Go through examples of evaluating negative and positive powers

– Assign pg. 97 # 10-13, 14, 16, 18


– Students will have the remaining time to work on their assignment

– Students may ask any questions they may have during this time

 Classroom Management:

-Remind students of the importance to raise their hand if they have a question or an answer

-Include/call on all students equally

-Monitor student behavior by walking around

– Assessment: Have students reflect and respond to questions, have students do the your turn questions, and listen as students discuss what they learned.

Adaptive Dimensions:

-Students may pair up to complete the assignment if they are struggling, provided they stay quiet.

3.1 Exponents Handout Key Terms

Powerpoint: 3.1 Using Exponents to Describe Numbers

Extra Worksheets:

3.1 Exponent Worksheet

3.1 Exponents Worksheet

3.1 Extra Practice Sheet

3.1 Extra Worksheet

The rest of the chapter is structured this way. At the end of the chapter I put together a Jeopardy game as one of the ways to assess the students knowledge.



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