Emily Columpsi

"The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery" -Mark Van Doren

About Me

Hi everyone, my name is Emily Columpsi. I am a fourth year Education student at the University of Regina with a major in Mathematics and a minor in Dance Education.


I grew up here in Regina, Saskatchewan where I went to school from Kindergarten to now post-secondary education. I am very involved in the Arts, which is why I decided to minor in one of the strands of Arts Education. My passion for the Arts, however, started when I was very young. My parents put me in dance lessons, more particularly ballet and modern, when I was just three years old. However, I did dabble in other dance styles, such as Jazz, Hip-hop, Flamenco, Kathak, and Broadway. As I grew older I became more involved in my dance studio by joining their pre-professional travelling company for approximately seven years. Being so heavily dedicated to dance meant that I was training literally fourteen hours a week. So you can imagine what my days were like in elementary and high school: wake-up, go to school, go to dance till eight, come home and do homework, then go to sleep and repeat. This crazy lifestyle really engrained time management, discipline, commitment, dedication, teamwork, and organization within me: attributes that I feel I carry into my teaching. Unfortunately, in second year of University, I had to discontinue from dance because I seriously injured my knees; dislocating my knee caps resulting in a grade four MCL strain. Needless to say, I was very disappointed and upset. However, it is not like I quit cold turkey. At that time I was very thankful that I minored in Dance because then I can still be a part of the dance community even though I was not dancing. As well, during the same time of this incident I was offered a position to teach dance at a local dance studio here in Regina called FadaDance. Obviously I accepted the opportunity. So even though I was injured for a good year I was still connected through my education and through teaching.

FadaDance is a great avenue for me to test my teaching abilities. Currently, I am teaching three technique classes to dancers aged 7-14. As well, I am a choreographer for their Youth Company, which includes dancers, aged 14-19. One another note, four teachers, including myself, are taking the Youth Company to the Dance and the Child International dance conference in Copenhagen, Denmark this summer where we will all engage in dance workshops to heighten our passion for dance.


I have a very strong interest in visual arts as well. In my spare time I enjoy drawing, sketching, or painting. I feel like this passion and/or interest in visual arts stems from my mother. She was the visual arts teacher for 35 years at one of the Catholic High Schools here in Regina; she even taught me all throughout high school.

I also have a huge passion for travelling. I am very fortunate that I have travelled all around the world with my family reaching to the far corners of Europe, Asia and Northern Africa. Experiencing other cultures makes you appreciative of what you have back home; however, I always see travelling as a learning experience. Taking in and experiencing other customs, cuisines, religions and ways of life opens ones mind and heart to the world. Travelling ultimately makes you appreciate uniqueness and differences within people.



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