Emily Columpsi

"The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery" -Mark Van Doren

Summary of Learning

As I reflect all the way back into January, I remember feeling extremely uncomfortable about using technology in teaching, learning and overall life. However, as the course continued, this feeling alleviated due to the constant help and guidance from my classmates and of course Alec and Katia. Throughout this course I definitely became more critically informed about the latest trends in technology, in education and society. Every week, our conversations and interactions in different online spaces enabled me to step outside of my comfort zone, which ultimately helped in creating my positive digital identity through the development of my online portfolio and other social networking tools such as twitter and Google Plus. This course really helped me develop a greater awareness of advanced technology-based learning resources and online professional learning opportunities. I can definitely say that ECMP 455 helped me get over my fear of technology. I am certainly more confident in my abilities and pleased with the social connections I have made. I will without doubt be integrating technology into my classroom one day so that my students can gain the capacity to further develop their own technological abilities.

I underestimated the potential of this class, however, my personal learning network is growing by the minute and I owe it all the Alec. Thank you ECMP 455.

For my summary of learning project, seven of my classmates including myself made a music video that incorporated all of our learning projects, as well as our own personal takeaways (as exemplified through our flip grid videos).

Enjoy our dance moves!


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