Emily Columpsi

"The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery" -Mark Van Doren


Hi everyone! After some thought and consideration I have finally decided that for my online learning project I am going to learn/teach myself how to cook. Now some of you are probably wondering: she doesn’t know how to cook? Well, besides my go to which is always a pasta or rice dish, the answer is no. Here is why. I grew up with a very very busy schedule; even now my schedule is crazy with two jobs, a choreography gig, and being a full time university student. That being said, growing up I never really took the time and effort to learn how cook since I was so busy with my schooling and extracurricular activities. Yes, I know this is very sad, especially being a fourth year university student, but when you still live at home with both parents that task it kind of taken care of for you. Not that that is an excuse or anything, because it is not! Anyways, I have decided to learn how to cook. I found that, after the semester is over, I would hopefully come away with a practical life skill that will benefit me in the long run.

Here is how I am going to approach my online learning project. There are twelve weeks left till the end of the semester. So each week I will cook something that fits in one of the main categories of cooking: appetizer, salad, soup, meatless mains, mains with meats, and desserts. I have decided that I will start at the beginning with appetizer and work my way through the list as you see above and end with desserts. My plan is to get progressively harder as I a make my way through the categories. As well, I am also going to make two dishes within each category; so two appetizers, two salads etc which will inevitably make up the twelve weeks remaining in the semester.

There are thankfully many online resources that I can use to aid me in this learning project: such as, blogs, websites, YouTube videos and more. Each week I will be posting photos of my dishes as well as the learning process on how I got there; in the end, I will have a small collection of recipes that will make up my very own mini recipe book.

I see cooking as a complex life skill that takes lots of patience, time and effort, which will maybe be good for me because I have very little patience. My sisters do not have the faith in me that I can do this. My older sister, in particular, is afraid of my cooking because I have little to no experience. I am going to prove them both wrong! There doubt drives me more to really put in the effort, try my best and hopefully succeed. My goal is to ultimately come away with a practical life skill. So stay tuned for some, hopefully, delicious results.


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