Emily Columpsi

"The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery" -Mark Van Doren

Treaty Education

This past week, there has been great discussion about Treaty Education. The questions that were posed initiated thought, care and consideration, as we were asked how we would incorporate this topic into our curriculum and for what reasons.

I am a math major, and to be honest I am having immense difficultly in trying to figure out how Treaty Education could be incorporated and included into the math curriculum. There are some possibilities like measuring the volume of a tipi or including treaty facts into a word problem; however, none of these are really appropriate and they don’t portray the stories or facts like an English, History or Social Studies class would. So you can see where I am struggling; therefore, it any of you have possible ideas I would like to hear them!

Dance is my minor and I am finding it way easier to include Treaty Education into this subject. Last year even, in my EDAN 301/302 class, we took some time to learn about many historical dancers and dances, and our prof  included some First Nations communal dances. However, teaching Treaty Education through dance might be more difficult than I imagine it to be as it totally depends on the group of students and whether or not they like to dance or want to dance/participate.

In the end, I think it is very important to teach Treaty Education. In my personal experience, I can only recall learning about treaties in Social Studies 30, and many of you could agree.  Thus, there is a lack of knowledge and understanding about Treaty Education. As a result, Treaty Education needs to be introduced to students at a young age so that they are able to gain knowledge and end the stereotypical beliefs of First Nations people. Furthermore, I believe Treaty Education should be introduced and approached in a creative way, exemplified by Claire Kreuger, as the students might become more responsive and grasp the topic more.

Since I have little knowledge about treaties I do not feel I am capable to teach about this history. Therefore, connecting with colleagues and other educators would be the first step to finding someone that has experience or knowledge on Treaty Education.


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